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9 out of 10 people are unable to make permanent changes in an area that’s challenging to them... even if their life depends on it...without the right support.

Here’s The Single Most Important Key To Attaining Your Goals And Being Successful Once And For All

An Approach That Will Conquer Your Self Doubt and Equip You With Discipline to Keep From Giving Up On Yourself Before You Have Reached Your Goal

Most people acknowledge that goal setting is the foundation for personal and business success. And chances are that to achieve your dreams and live the life you desire... reaching those goals successfully is crucial.  But that’s just the beginning of the success equation.

Have you ever left a seminar or training workshop and set a goal that ignited your enthusiasm? 

You were absolutely committed to achieving it and couldn’t wait to get home and utilize all of the strategies and tools you received to get yourself into action. 

And a few days later, what happened... 

You’re back to your old routines!

Wishing things would be different...blaming yourself for not being disciplined enough to make it happen.   

The truth is, books, CD’s, seminars and workshops are helpful at providing tools that will support you in moving forward.  But if that’s where the training ends, it’s not enough! 

It’s as senseless as taking a road trip without a map...

Sure, you have the vehicle to take you somewhere... you know where you want to go...

...but you don’t have a clear path to get there.

Here’s Why...

It’s been proven that no matter how pumped up and motivated you are after you take a workshop, within 30 days, there is a dissapointing 32% chance that you will still be utilizing what you have learned.

What’s more disheartening is that after just 3 months, your odds will drop to less than 8% that you will even be using the new information at all.

That’s a 92% failure rate!

Now don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that you weren’t motivated enough or didn’t “want it” bad enough.  You were missing something from your process...

Why Books, CD’s, Seminars and Workshops Are Not The Complete Solution In the Overall Process to Reach Your Goals

It’s as simple as this. Once your book or brief workshop is over...well, it was over. 

So what exactly went wrong?...

...While reading your inspirational book or attending a workshop you were riding high in a "motivational frenzy"... writing down idea after idea and telling yourself how you would start working on your goal first.

But here’s where you met the bump in the road...

After you're finished with the book or workshop... you are left staring into the sometimes daunting face of C-H-A-N-G-E... stepping out of your comfort zone.

Most of us turn around and run, without ever reaching our initial goal.

You see, books and seminars can give you ideas, motivation and some solutions... but they lack the essential structure and support required to help you make sustainable changes that will bring you positive results.

Simple as this, all of this great information lacks the support system required for 92% of us to ever make the changes necessary to meet our goals.



Coaching Increases Overall Productivity By 88%!

In an article that appeared in Training & Development Journal, expert Neil Rackman (celebrated author of “Spin Selling”) noted that while training can increase your initial productivity by as much as 22%...

Adding coaching to that training increases overall productivity by an incredible 88%!

One more’s important... He went on to say that however excellent your workshop or seminar training may be, without combining it with good coaching you are probably wasting .87 cents out of every dollar you spend.



Let me say that again... no matter how excellent the training, without combining it with good coaching you are wasting .87 cents out of every dollar you spend!

It’s Been Proven...Coaching Is The Single Most Important Key To Successfully Attaining Goals

Important...Couple things to note:

40% of the Fortune 500 companies hire professional coaches for their executive team and experts say that number is on the rise.

The executives interviewed estimated that the Return On Investment was 6 times the cost of coaching!


So, while it’s true that coaching is an additional cost, statistics show that the productivity that results when personal coaching is added skyrockets - and many times surpasses - the initial goal.

What Does That Mean For You?


Without adding coaching to your business strategy, you have a 92% failure rate when it comes to reaching your goal.




WITH personal coaching you are more than 10 TIMES MORE LIKELY to succeed!



And that means that coaching proves its worth again and again.

But that’s not all I want to share with you...

Coaching Is Not Only For The Elite

What if I told you there is a proven process to tap into your own explosive power and skillfully combine the tools, information and support you need to conquer your goals and create the life of your dreams... without spending a fortune.

Guess what... There is, and it will make you absolutely unstoppable!

As a performance and productivity expert, success coach and best-selling author, I have spent more than a decade researching and interviewing some of the world’s most successful people and as a result developed powerful, proven processes to achieve success based on my findings.

It gets even better... I have helped thousands of people, from all walks of life, achieve unstoppable success and I can help you too.

Right now I have a full force 30 day coaching program that will help you get UNSTUCK and take your business and your LIFE to the next level.

Read on to see what my Unstoppable Challenge Coaching Program can do for you!

Guaranteed Strategies & Support to help you Take Small Steps to Consistently Achieve Your Goal in Only 30 Days Designed to Conquer Success-Blocking Overwhelm

My Unstoppable 30-Day Challenge Coaching Program has produced amazing results for thousands of people from all walks of life – from working mothers and entrepreneurs to world-class athletes and investment bankers.

The coaching program starts with a five step process where you will come to identify what you want and how to get it.


A Brilliant 5-Step Process That Will Help You...

Identify a breakthrough 30-day goal that will make a significant impact in your life or business

Break down your goal into a daily, proven plan to help you  focus on taking one step at a time

Recognize your driving force behind the goal and learn how to identify and replace limiting beliefs and behaviors that have stopped you in the past

Develop a structure and accountability mechanism necessary to support you as you complete the Unstoppable 30-Day Challenge Coaching Program

Uncover rewards and consequences for the completion of your 30-day goal so that you can effectively measure your success

In the following 30 days you will discover how to take action on your plan while focusing on your progress...not perfection. 

As you stop over thinking and start taking action you will learn how to:

Accept 100% personal responsibility for your life and results

Identify your purpose

Develop empowering beliefs

Turn new beliefs into positive results

Transform unproductive behaviors into constructive action

Be your own hero – learn how to effectively reward your positive steps

Develop self-confidence – one step at a time


As the days, weeks and months progress, you will become actively engaged as you hear amazing stories of perseverance and creativity that will inspire and instruct you on the importance of developing an inner circle of friends and mentors and the value of serving others.

I will reveal the behind-the-scenes secrets on unstoppable achievers like Maxcy Filer, Walt Disney and Aba Gayle, who demonstrate what can be accomplished by taking consistent action. Each and every one of these individuals faced countless obstacles, yet they prevailed!



Seek creative solutions for overcoming obstacles

Cultivate mentors and role models that will help you achieve your goal

Acknowledge fear and how to use it to advance your goal

Prepare for and further your goal

Develop a persevering attitude

Create a support team that will help you reach your goal

Redefine personal success by your own definition and standards

Discover what matters to you and how this new-found understanding can inspire others

Leverage your momentum and build on your success

Here’s Why I Think It’s Important For You To Join The Unstoppable Challenge Coaching Program...

IT WORKS! But Don’t Take My Word For It...

"Increased my enrollment rate of associates by 480%"

In the first 30 days of my Unstoppable Challenge I doubled my weekly cycles, increased my enrollment rate of associates by 480% and at the same time was able to schedule time for relaxation and celebration!

Tammy P.

"My business has grown 25% every quarter..."

My business has grown 25% every quarter because of Cynthia Kersey’s mentoring and coaching. If you want to challenge your business and raise it to a whole new level, ask Cynthia to coach your entire organization through her “Unstoppable 30-Day Challenge”. What she will do for your business is UNBELIEVABLE –she will take you to a whole new level.”

John S.
Field Vice Chairman
World Financial Group


"I increased by group's sales volume by 41%"

“I was able for the first time to create a structure that helped me consistently take action and in just the first 30 days, I increased my group’s sales volume by 41%.

Loretta L.

"My sales nearly tripled"

"This program impacts people in a powerful and positive way! When I applied the UC principles my business, my sales nearly tripled, I received a promotion, won a trip and recruited 5 times more than I recruited the same time last year. And, my entire team recruits were up 400%! This program gave me the structure to make things happen in my life. "   

Tracy N.
The Body Shop At Home

nu skin enterprises

"I am excited to have a turnkey training model for my entire team"

"Having reached the top level of my business, I wanted to become a more effective leader and coach for my team.  I heard Cynthia’s presentation at our conference and was so inspired, I enrolled in the Unstoppable Challenge.  In the first 45 days, I made more prospecting calls than I did in the entire three years prior!  I am excited to have a turn-key training model for my entire team to help them consistently recruit and develop more leaders within their organizations. I enthusiastically recommend this program.

Mickey E.
President Director
Nuskin Enterprises

"I increased my income and production by 400%"

In 30 days, I increased my income and production by 400%, grew my prospect list from 25 to 300 and have consistently recruited a strong team member every month.  My confidence has gone through the roof and I am now on auto pilot working my business every day.  This program works!

Marco M.
World Financial Group


"In just 30 days I exceeded my sales goal"

“As a mom with two small children,  I thought I’d have to put my career on hold until my kids got older.  I had hit a lull until I heard about your program. After hearing the stories about other unstoppable women, I felt it was possible for me as well.  After hearing you speak, I signed up for Unstoppable Challenge and I set my first business goal since having children.   In just 30 days, I exceeded my sales goal of a 25% increase, signed up 11 new consultants and earned the incentive trip to Vegas.  Never in my life have I ever felt this incredible about myself as a business person. Your program and inspiration has by far exceeded my expectations of what it could do for me. I LOVE this program!”  

Barbara A.

"Every person who completes her program increases their sales by an average of 85%!"

“We’ve used Cynthia Kersey’s Unstoppable Challenge Coaching Program because she delivers.  Every person who completes her program increases their sales by an average of 85%!  This is the most effective and powerful business building tool we’ve ever implemented. I highly recommend Cynthia’s programs.”

Ray Lambert
Corporate Regional Manager
Nature’s Sunshine Products

What Exactly Does the Unstoppable Challenge Coaching Program Consist Of?

A comprehensive coaching program that skillfully combines easy to implement tools, information and inspiration that you need to move you into action to take your life or business to the next level in just 30 days!

My powerful 30-Day coaching program includes:



6 one-hour tele-conference calls where I will personally coach you, along with the other members of the Unstoppable Challenge Team, and give you skills, knowledge and insight that you need to successfully complete your Challenge.

These critical teleconference calls will:

Provide an overview of how to powerfully complete the UC and gain clarity on the specific action steps necessary to achieve your goal

Show you how to develop a commitment and initial mindset necessary to take consistent action

Help you stop the quitting cycle and take consistent action towards your first goal

Reveal three specific ways to stop self sabotage

Share the key to developing an unstoppable belief system

Bring to light five ways to harness the power of your thoughts and use self-talk

Expose simple yet profound exercises that assist you in identifying a meaningful and inspiring life purpose that will propel you to new heights in every area of your life

Help you master the five steps to developing your unstoppable belief system - one that motivates you to action, gives you confidence to ignore the critics and virtually guarantees outstanding achievement

Get you prepared by creating a blue-print  for developing a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and by identifying the steps required to get there

Uncover the best places to find role models and how to easily assemble your own inner circle of powerful, successful mentors who can guide and mentor you

Give you sure-fire strategies to rejuvenate your dream when the going gets tough by identifying new approaches to solve any problem

Show you how to internalize four powerful strategies that will enable you to achieve your ultimate goal by persevering long after others have given up



Your 30-day challenge audio program is divided into downloadable files and includes instructional and informational audio coaching sessions where you will learn how to create success in your own life as you learn the traits and characteristics of some of the world’s top achievers.



Join other unstoppable people who are committed to completing the Unstoppable Challenge and you’ll have a partner for support and accountability to stay in action.




Both tools will help you establish a breakthrough goal, break it down into easy steps and document your daily planning and progress.

The Create Your Day Planner and Workbook includes important tools that you will need to accomplish your 30-day breakthrough goal including:

  • Getting Ready forms
  • Daily Planner forms
  • Week in Review forms
  • Unstoppable 30-day challenge form

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