I'm Cynthia Kersey

 two-time bestselling author, a respected leader in the   transformational industry, Founder and CEO of the   Unstoppable Foundation, and creator of the   Unstoppable Challenge

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I’ve devoted the last 20+ years to creating a life that I love, finding a purpose that inspires me, cultivating the courage to say YES when I had no clue where to begin, and achieving things I had previously never thought possible!

How would your life change if you stepped out of a “quitting cycle” once and for all to become unstoppable in achieving your desires and dreams


My journey began with writing my first book, “Unstoppable”. As I interviewed and studied the lives and success of some of the world’s top performers to profile in the book, I identified a specific pattern in the way these individuals thought and acted that enabled them to create what seemed like impossible results!Excited about what I had learned, I wrote a second book on the subject, developing my own system that could help anyone who had the desire to become unstoppable.

A Deeper Calling...

For over a decade, I built a successful business working with tens of thousands of individuals to overcome their fears, limiting beliefs, and sabotaging behavior to become unstoppable in creating a life they loved.

My clients included everyone from fortune 50 organizations, to entrepreneurs, and stay-at-home-moms, that all created results beyond what they thought possible! At this point, I had created an incredible life. I was living my purpose, running a successful business, had amazing family and friends, bought a beautiful home, and traveled wherever I wanted. Yet, a deeper calling emerged within me. 

I decided to turn my 50th birthday into a fundraiser to build a school in Uganda. To my surprise, we raised enough to build two schools, and that’s when I realized I could no longer ignore the plight of millions of people living in developing countries. Their lack of access to basic education, clean water, and healthcare urged me to give to others and help as much as I could.

I committed to doing something to help, and in that, I discovered an even deeper level of my own purpose, giving back and being of service to others. In 2008, I started the Unstoppable Foundation and in 2011, I left my business to run the foundation full time. Now, just 11 years later, we are educating nearly 40,000 children a day and providing almost 100,000 men, women, and children with clean water, health care, nutritious food, and the tools to help them lift themselves out of poverty and into a new life.

This is the kind of incredible goal you can accomplish when you become unstoppable!

Bringing the Unstoppable Challenge back!

Over the years, people have asked me to bring the Unstoppable Challenge into their companies and coach them to be unstoppable in achieving their dreams. There hasn’t been enough time for me to run the foundation AND offer this program… until now! We are now bringing the Unstoppable Challenge to our students in Kenya and eventually to every community member in the country. I want to give you the same life-changing opportunity!

For the first time in a decade, you have the chance to experience what tens of thousands of people already have-and achieve the same kind of massive results in your own life!

With the Unstoppable Challenge, you can reach your biggest goals by taking just one simple action every day!