The Unstoppable Challenge

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Take one simple step every day and achieve your biggest goals - in just 30 days!

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What’s the difference between someone who goes after what they want in life, sets goals, achieves their dreams, and creates the success in life they truly desire…

And someone who starts with great intentions but gets stuck in the quitting cycle over and over again – feeling defeated, giving up on themselves, and never realizing their dreams?

If you guessed – education, background, money, a rich relative, or luck… guess again.

People who achieve great things in life aren’t “special” or super-human. They’ve simply learned how to take consistent action over time – creating one UNSTOPPABLE moment after another.

If you want to achieve something in your life or business but feel discouraged or disappointed in yourself because you never stay motivated long enough to make it happen – you have an opportunity to change that for good!

With the Unstoppable Challenge, you will learn how to take ONE SIMPLE ACTION every day to build incredible momentum and see massive results with your biggest goals –
in just one month.

Barbara A. - Jafra

"In just 30 days I exceeded my sales goal" “As a mom with two small children, I thought I’d have to put my career on hold until my kids got older. I had hit a lull until I heard about your program. In just 30 days, I exceeded my sales goal of a 25% increase, signed up 11 new consultants and earned the incentive trip to Vegas. Never in my life have I ever felt this incredible about myself as a business person. I LOVE this program!”

JoAnn Smith

“After 30 Years of Smoking, I quit in 30 Days” “After 30 years of smoking, I was smoking about a pack a day and was disappointed in myself because I couldn’t quit. The Challenge helped me look at why I smoked and put a plan together to stop once and for all. After 24 days of slowly reducing my smoking, I smoked my last cigarette on day 27!

Find out how the Unstoppable Challenge can help you achieve your biggest goals!

I’m Cynthia Kersey –

author of the bestselling books, Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women, founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Foundation, and creator of the Unstoppable Challenge.

After decades of studying and interviewing some of the world’s most successful people, I have

great news for you!

You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon, have a high IQ, or be a certain age to achieve your deepest dreams and create a life that you love.

Unstoppable people are just like you and me. They experience challenges and

disappointments on the path to their goals and dreams… but they don’t let that stop them.

I’ve discovered their secrets to creating one unstoppable moment after another to achieve massive results, and I want to share those secrets with you!

These are the same strategies that I used to leave a corporate career, write two best-selling books (as an unknown author), build a successful business, and then leave all of that to start a humanitarian organization that is now 11 years old and impacts nearly

100,000 people every day.

PLUS I’ve helped tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life, to create results that before they only dreamed of.

“Your ability to become Unstoppable is perhaps the most important single quality of great success and achievement. Cynthia shows you a series of simple yet powerful steps you can take to build your courage, tenacity & resilience to the point where you can achieve any goal you can set for yourself!”