The Unstoppable Challenge


With Cynthia Kersey


Take one simple step every day and achieve your biggest goals – in just 30 days!



September 29th – October 28th, 2019













You’re reading this page for one simple reason:


You want to make a change in your life.



Maybe you dream of starting a business, running a marathon, or writing a book.


Maybe you’d like to develop a healthier lifestyle, find a more fulfilling career, or pursue your love of painting.


Or maybe you’d be thrilled to have an extra hour a day to spend quality time with

your children.



Whatever it is that you know you want, up until now, something has stopped you from making it happen.





You get motivated, set some goals or resolutions, take action for a few days…  and then life happens, it gets hard, and you slip right back into old routines.


But the more the quitting cycle continues, the more you begin to believe that your dreams are just not possible.



If you’ve been stuck in a scenario like this, doubting yourself and wondering if you even have what it takes to succeed – then there’s something you need to know…



You aren’t stopped because you’re inadequate.


You’re stopped because of your approach.






After supporting tens of thousands of people in becoming unstoppable and reaching their most heartfelt goals, if you’re like most people, you’re probably reading all the “right” books, going to conferences, investing in workshops and yet STILL not making real progress.




The biggest problem with most “self-help” programs is that they require people to make drastic changes from day one.


Research shows that when people are asked to make big, sweeping changes in their lives all at once, they get overwhelmed, become discouraged, and commonly give up, reverting to their old patterns of behavior.


This undermines their self-confidence and makes it harder to make a change in the future.



Instead of blaming yourself and feeling bad for failing, wouldn’t it make more sense to try a new approach?






It’s time to permanently stop the cycle of giving up.



After coaching thousands of individuals from corporate executives to stay-at-home moms over the last two decades, I have found that most people get stuck in trying to find the motivation to take consistent action on a particular goal.



Cynthia has spent almost two decades researching and examining the secrets of unstoppable people and she’s found that the key to creating any change in our lives requires addressing the following issues:


  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Sabotaging Behaviors (Habits)
  • Inadequate Structure (Daily Action and Accountability)


The Unstoppable Challenge tackles these issues head-on and helps you develop the mindset and structure necessary to overcome any obstacle and take consistent action in your business and life.




Rockefeller University did a study and determined that only 1 out of 10 people were able to create lasting changes in their lives – even if their life depended on it.  That sounds a little bleak.  But here’s one thing we’ve also learned through research.  With a little bit of coaching, encouragement and support in key areas, that same group went from only 1 in 10 success rate to almost 8 out of 10%.  That’s great news!  Because it shows that anyone can be successful if they have the commitment and the desire to do so and they get the right support.


This research went further to describe specifically the difference that enabled these individuals in the latter group to create lasting change when the others miserably failed were three things:



  1. Mentor – They had a mentor, coach, upline or someone who believed in them and actually expected them to change. They essentially sold the person hope – the belief that they could actually make that change whether it’s to consistently work their business or change their lifestyle for health reasons.


  1. Empowering Beliefs – They were taught new ways of thinking and seeing their life or situation. Ex: Let’s say you come home from a convention, you’re all motivated to make this season your best selling season EVER. And you get home to something called a life – and you wonder how you’re going to fit sleep into the schedule much less something else on your to do list. And then, you actually get yourself to start talking to people about your business and products and no one seems to be interested in what you have to say.  It’s CRITICAL how you interpret that event if you plan on being as successful as you’d like.  We are who we are because of your beliefs about your life and your situation.  You have to learn new ways of thinking and a belief system about your life and about what’s possible.


  1. Behaviors (Habits) – they were taught how to learn, practice and master the new habits and skills that you’ll need and were given a structure to hold them accountable.


The Unstoppable Challenge delivers on these three areas and explains why people have been so successful in going through the program.



It’s also built on the proven fact that the most effective way to create lasting change is to do it one step at a time, letting that initial success lead to others.


That’s why I’m going to ask you to focus on just one area of your life and to take one single step at a time so you can successfully reach your goal!


Even the busiest person can find the time to take a single step or achieve what I call an “unstoppable moment”.


In doing so, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the process, and you’ll be able to make the gradual changes that will create lasting results!





A Process That Works for Everyone



No matter where you are in your life, the Unstoppable Challenge can easily be tailored to meet your needs.


It will work just as well whether you’re 25 or 75, whether you’ve set and achieved goals for years and now you want to make quantum leaps in your personal or professional life, or you’re relatively new at setting goals and want to start small.


You may be at a crossroads, in search of a more rewarding path—a new career, a healthier body, a more fulfilling family life, or a meaningful mission or project.



No matter what your goal, the time for change is now.




If you want the next 10, 20, 30 or more years to look different than what your life looks like today, it’s time to try something different.






The people you are about to meet are living testaments to the power of a single decision. They transformed their lives and created extraordinary results—and so can you.




“In just 30 days I exceeded my sales goal”


“As a mom with two small children, I thought I’d have to put my career on hold until my kids got older. I had hit a lull until I heard about your program. After hearing the stories about other unstoppable women, I felt it was possible for me as well. After hearing you speak, I signed up for the Unstoppable Challenge, and I set my first business goal since having children.


In just 30 days, I exceeded my sales goal of a 25% increase, signed up 11 new consultants and earned the incentive trip to Vegas. Never in my life have I ever felt this incredible about myself as a business person. Your program and inspiration have by far exceeded my expectations of what it could do for me. I LOVE this program!”


Barbara – Jafra





“After 30 Years of Smoking, I quit in 30 Days”


“After 30 years of smoking, I was smoking about a pack a day and was disappointed in myself because I couldn’t quit. I needed a catalyst and that’s when I signed up for your program.


The Unstoppable Challenge helped me look at why I smoked and put a plan together to stop once and for all. I became aware of my smoking behaviors and put a plan to eliminate each one, one step at a time. After 24 days of slowly reducing my smoking, I smoked my last cigarette on day 27.


It’s now been 30 days and my confidence level is VERY high because I am now committed to being healthy and have become aware of the behaviors that have sabotaged me in the past. I just drove 11.5 hours in the car and did not think about having a cigarette the entire time.”


– JoAnn





I’m going to show you a program that countless individuals have joined and whose results were nothing short of miraculous!


What if I told you that I would:


  • Help you create a breakthrough goal in just 30 days?


  • Introduce you to real-life mentors who reveal how they transformed their lives?


  • Give you a daily, proven plan that focuses on taking just one step at a time and has produced amazing results for thousands of people from all walks of life—from working mothers to corporate executives?


  • Travel this path with you every step of the way, helping you to discover what you really desire in life and how to achieve it?



How could you transform your life with that kind of support, guidance, and inspiration?


Could you have better health, greater wealth, deeper love, more lasting relationships, and a more profound sense of joy, happiness, confidence, and freedom?


You can have it all, one step at a time, if you’ll join me on this journey.









The Unstoppable Challenge


Take one simple step every day and achieve your biggest goals – in just 30 days!



September 29th – October 28th, 2019





Whether you aspire to:


Start or scale a business, non-profit, or other organization


Write a book that tops the bestseller list


Quit smoking, lose weight, or master your health routine


Pay off debt, save for a house, or get your finances in check


Or simply start a new hobby, spend more time with your family, or take the trip you’ve always wanted to…



You can achieve your dreams, live a purposeful life, and create success for yourself – no matter what your background is or where you’re starting from!






The Unstoppable Challenge gives you a day-by-day roadmap to eliminate overwhelm so you can focus on small, consistent action that builds up to huge results.



My tried and tested Unstoppable Challenge is different than all the other methods you’ve tried (and failed at) before


Because with the Unstoppable Challenge you only have to take

one simple step each day.




And by the end of 30 days, you’ll have more momentum than ever before AND understand exactly how to:


  • Identify your most meaningful, breakthrough goal using my simple and proven 5-step process.


  • Banish the limiting beliefs and negative behaviors that hold you back so you can charge forward towards your goal with unstoppable speed.


  • Protect your progress against self-sabotage, so you don’t get caught up in procrastination, fear, or setbacks.


  • Develop the mental strength, confidence, and perseverance of an unstoppable person, so the word “quitting” gets removed from your vocabulary.


  • And cultivate an “inner circle” of supportive friends and mentors, so the doubters and naysayers don’t drag you down.






I’ve used this same step-by-step process to help tens of thousands of people from ALL walks of life to achieve their goals.



Network marketers

Corporate Executives

Stay-at-home moms


And people just like YOU.




The Unstoppable Challenge teaches you how to achieve any goal by creating a series of “unstoppable moments” – single steps forward that develop into a routine, like signing your name or brushing your teeth.


Unstoppable moments stacked together will ultimately lead you to incredible personal transformation – in as little as 30 days.






But don’t just take my word for it…



“My Entire Life Has Changed Through This Process”


“The scale shows how my body has changed, but what most excites me is how I have changed inside. I have become more disciplined, more confident and more at peace with myself and have learned to love the process of becoming healthy and fit. I believe in myself more than ever before and my entire life has changed through this process.”


– Debbie M



“My sales nearly tripled”


“This program impacts people in a powerful and positive way! When I applied the UC principles to my business, my sales nearly tripled, I received a promotion, won a trip and recruited 5 times more than I recruited the same time last year. And, my entire team recruits were up 400%! This program gave me the structure to make things happen in my life.”


– Tracy N. – The Body Shop At Home



“Increased my enrollment rate of associates by 480%”


“In the first 30 days of my Unstoppable Challenge, I doubled my weekly cycles, increased my enrollment rate of associates by 480% and at the same time was able to schedule time for relaxation and celebration!”


– Tammy P. – Isagenix



“My business has grown 25% every quarter…”


“My business has grown 25% every quarter because of Cynthia Kersey’s mentoring and coaching. If you want to challenge your business and raise it to a whole new level, ask Cynthia to coach your entire organization through her “Unstoppable 30-Day Challenge”. What she will do for your business is UNBELIEVABLE–she will take you to a whole new level.”


– John S. – FieldVice Chairman, World Financial Group






Join the 30-Day Unstoppable Challenge


September 29th – October 28th, 2019



Only 1 payment of $297








When you join the Unstoppable Challenge, you’ll get access to life-changing tools, mentoring, inspiration, and accountability – everything you need to achieve your breakthrough goal.



Here’s what’s included:



  • Weekly Videos from Cynthia to help you get set up for a successful week – delivered each Sunday throughout the program


  • 30 daily audio trainings that will each explore one quality of an Unstoppable person. You’ll also hear the true-life story of an inspirational role model who embodies this characteristic and learn how to develop this quality in your own life. In doing so, you’ll find the resolve necessary to take your daily step and stay on your path until you have reached your goal.


  • The Unstoppable Challenge Workbook & Planner where you’ll go through exercises to determine your 30-day goal, plan your days, and track your progress


  • The Unstoppable Support Community where you’ll be surrounded and supported by other like-minded high-achievers working toward their breakthrough goals alongside you






PLUS these exclusive BONUSES: 















How the Unstoppable Challenge Works



The Unstoppable Challenge helps you choose a single break-through goal, then break it down into a series of simple, achievable steps you can take every day to make it happen.



Before the Challenge begins, you will:


  • Go through a simple, step-by-step process to uncover your breakthrough goal for the Unstoppable Challenge.
  • And you’ll learn how to break down your goal into bite-sized action steps using my proven 5-step system.



Then, every day during the Challenge, you will:


  • Create your “Daily Ritual” to consciously construct your experience and successfully accomplish the activities necessary to achieve your 30-day goal.
  • Complete your “Create Your Day Planner” where you’ll track your daily victories and your unstoppable actions to ensure you are moving closer to achieving your goal.
  • Listen to your daily lesson.
  • Complete your simple action step for the day.
  • And Speak with your accountability partner to review your progress and stay on track!




You’ll spend a minimum of 15 minutes per day doing this work –

And reap incredible rewards for the rest of your lifetime!






Hi, I’m Cynthia Kersey – two-time bestselling author, a respected leader in the transformational industry, Founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Foundation, and creator of the Unstoppable Challenge.


I’ve devoted the last 30+ years to creating a life that I love – finding a purpose that inspires me, cultivating the courage to say YES when I had no clue where to begin, and achieving things I had previously never thought possible!



After quitting a lucrative corporate career to follow my purpose to inspire people to live

unstoppable lives, I interviewed and studied hundreds of the world’s most successful people, wrote two books on the subject of becoming Unstoppable, and supported tens of thousands of people in achieving their goals.


Then I stepped further into my purpose and started a humanitarian organization that now serves 100,000 people per day in rural Kenya and India.


Through this journey, I’ve developed a deep understanding of what it means to go after and achieve huge goals that may, in the beginning, seem impossible.



I developed the Unstoppable Challenge to help people stop the quitting cycle once and for all and guide them in bringing their biggest dreams, aspirations, and desires to life!


And that includes YOU!




It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 75.


Whether you’ve set and achieved goals for years and now want to make quantum leaps in your personal or professional life.


Or you’re relatively new at setting goals and want to start small.



You may be at a crossroads, in search of a more rewarding path—a new career, a healthier body, deeper friendships, a more fulfilling family life, or a meaningful mission or project.


No matter what your goal is or where you’re starting from, 

the time for change is now.





“Every person who completes her program increases their sales by an average of 85%!”


“We’ve used Cynthia Kersey’s Unstoppable Challenge Coaching Program because she delivers. Every person who completes her program increases their sales by an average of85%! This is the most effective and powerful business building tool we’ve ever implemented. I highly recommend Cynthia’s programs.”


Ray Lambert – Corporate Regional Manager, Nature’s Sunshine Products




“I Lost 3 Dress Sizes!”


“I always started something strong and then quit. I felt like a failure. The Unstoppable Challenge pulled it all together for me and I had a huge attitude shift. In 60 days, I lost 3 dress sizes.”


– Marji Graf




“I increased my income and production by 400%”


“In 30 days, I increased my income and production by 400%, grew my prospect list from 25 to 300 and have consistently recruited a strong team member every month. My confidence has gone through the roof and I am now on autopilot working my business every day. This program works!”


– Marco M. – World Financial Group





Join the 30-Day Unstoppable Challenge


September 29th – October 28th, 2019



Only 1 payment of $297








30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Try the Unstoppable Challenge RISK-FREE


I’m so confident in the Unstoppable Challenge that if you complete a full 30-days and haven’t gotten value from the experience – just email us your completed course work to show that you’ve done your part to be successful, and we’ll refund your every penny of your investment.







Frequently Asked Questions



I’m already so busy – how much time will it take for me to be successful?

The Unstoppable Challenge is broken down into the smallest, simplest format possible so you can make progress in as little as 15 minutes per day. Of course, like most things in life, the more you put in, the more you’ll get back.



Do I need to be available on specific days or at times for the training?

No! All of the training and materials are available for you to go through on your own time. 



Will Cynthia be coaching me through the Challenge?

Each week you’ll receive a video training from Cynthia that walks you through that week’s purpose to get you ready and set you up for success.


In addition, you’ll listen to a daily audio lesson where Cynthia shares an unstoppable story and insight to keep you in action on track to achieve your goal.



I’m not sure what my goal is yet – should I wait to sign up until I know what I want?

One of the first things we’ll cover in the Unstoppable Challenge is how to determine what goal you should focus on for the duration of the Challenge. So even if you aren’t completely clear on your goal right now, you can join and get access to a proven 5-step formula for figuring it out!



Can you guarantee that I’ll achieve my goal by signing up?

I’m providing you with all of the tools, training, and resources you need to make incredible progress on your goal. But ultimately your success will depend on YOU – implementing the material, completing your daily activity, and fully participating in the Challenge. I know from thousands of participants that if you commit – you will absolutely make progress to achieve your goal.





“Cynthia Kersey, the visionary leader of our time, shows you the how, the why, and the steps to become totally and absolutely unstoppable.”


–  Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, New York Times #1 Best-selling ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’




“With Unstoppable you can achieve any goal”


“Your ability to become unstoppable is perhaps the most important single quality of great success and achievement. This Challenge shows you a series of simple yet powerful steps you can take to build your courage, tenacity, and resilience to the point where you can achieve any goal you can set for yourself.”


–  Brian Tracy, author/speaker






Are you ready to become Unstoppable?


Give yourself the gift of investing just 30 days to create something different for your life, one step at a time.


Make today the day you finally vote “Yes” to your future, reject the excuses, and commit to stepping into your power.


I’m thrilled to be on this journey with you. Together, we truly are unstoppable!



– Cynthia






Join the 30-Day Unstoppable Challenge


September 29th – October 28th, 2019



Only 1 payment of $297



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